Three products are in charge of the course
  The stability of quality is a core of the quality tactics of the company. We enter the factory to begin from the raw materials, implement strict measuring to examine , it is qualified to accomplish 100%. ( this essential), produce dishes of process implement and responsible for the system course to the user( downed a process). Produce according to the operational procedure strictly, eliminate the system for not operating workers in the location , It increases the quality and suffering consciousnesses of staff greatly at the same time we pay attention to to accompany and lecture, train attenbant especially. We are confident of guaranteeing to offer to offer with the most perfect service to every customer of ours most finely definitely.

HW2000F The type is in charge of the infrared carbon sulphur of form and analyses the appearance

Main characteristic:
DOS、WINDOWSThe Chinese operating system a pair of colors of platform
The ration claim the style electronic balances
Guan Shi can control silicons to accuse of warmly electrodelessly to burn the stove
Temperature settles numbers to show accurately
The high-performance stove body keeps technology, heat radiation warm small
Main technical indicator:
Measure the range :Carbon0.001%-10.000%(Can expand and come 99.999%)
111111111111111111 Sulphur0.001%-(Can expand and come99.999%)
Analyse time :30Second
Analyse the error :Accord with GB/T223.69-97 GB/T223.68-97The standard